Capabilities ON PROJECT Management

Project Identification and Feasibility

OES understands how important it is to get things right from the beginning The company assesses each new project from the client’s perspective and always with the client’s goals in mindOES does this through extensive consultation and analysisWhether it is a proposed project or an existing structure, OES’s multi-disciplinary professionals draw on their vast experience in the private and public sectors to provide sound advice and support at the crucial analysis stageCapabilities include:


OES has extensive experience in both strategic and statutory planning OES manages the planning process from the ‘front end’ strategic stage of a project through to statutory delivery OES’s planners ensure that clients receive timely approvals and well-researched planning advice Capabilities include:

Project Delivery

OES manages projects from concept to completion through multidisciplinary and comprehensive professional servicesIncreasingly, clients want easy-to-tender and handle packaged deals including concept development, design, project management, project finance, project documentation, construction, engineering, procurement and operation. No matter the complexity, location or challenges, OES has the experience and the expertise to deliver projects on time and within budgetCapabilities include:

Operation and Maintenance

OES offers full operation and maintenance services for all project types and sizes OES’s maintenance management services maximize the productivity and capability of assets by ensuring a balance between high levels of performance and long-term reliability OES’s services also increase efficiency and output and reduce overheads Capabilities include:

Project Management and Advisory

OES provides a comprehensive range of practical and responsive project management servicesOES has significant experience in the organizational review and restructuring of both public and private sector organizations. This includes design and implementation of specific management systems, as well as the review and strengthening of existing systems. OES understands the requirements of development agencies including needs analysis in priority sectors or locations, available options, identification of specific projects, basic project design and documentation to the standard required by international agencies Capabilities include: