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Welcome to OES!

Optimistic Engineering Solutions Pvt. Ltd (OES), is a leading Engineering & IT consultancy company and was formed with the soul aim of extending quality related consultancy professional services in diverse fields. With ISO 9001:2008 certified operations, OES consultancy strives to upgrade its expertise & provide state-of-the-art consultancy services to the clients encompassing.

Power Generation

Preliminary planning, feasibility studies to preparation of detailed project reports, assistance in clearances and supervision of project construction & maintenance

Transmission & Distribution

The services provided by the company in Power Transmission & Distribution include electrical, civil & structural design

Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy Technologies like solar, biomass, hydro, etc. are deployed both in rural & urban areas to reduce the gap between demand & supply

IT Services

OES specializes in the development and implementation of reliable, scalable and secure business applications. Projects deliverables include data integration

quality pollicy

Optimistic Engineering Solutions Pvt. Ltd (OES) has developed and implemented systems and procedures along with integrated management system comprising ISO 9001:2008 for quality management system.

OES is committed to provide quality services in the fields of electrical testing & commissioning, design & third party inspection to all customers in Power Generation, Transmission & Distribution as well as in all conventional energy project services to their entire satisfaction.

OES optimize the processes through continuous improvements to execute projects in time economically thereby enhancing customer satisfaction.

OES understands the quantity requirement & standards and adopt changes along with technology improvements. OES consultants shall strive to upgrade our knowledge to deliver high quality services to our customers & clients

Our Vision

To be a leader in the consultancy industry, setting standards in technology, quality & deliverables while ensuring planned growth of customer and creating value to share holders in Engineering & Information Technology Fields.

What We Offer?

To ensure the success of projects, we feel it is necessary to develop a good working relationship with clients. We streamline the process from the inception through the final delivery of the project. You will work directly with the resources that your company is comfortable with and accustomed to. If the project requires specialist third party involvement, we will undertake all liaisons on your behalf. Our key technology partners allow us to recommend and engage, specialists as required and requested. We will always offer impartial vendor independent advice and will strive to offer a number of alternative solutions to your requirements.